July 15, 2012: Concert at The Schiller Theater

Concert starting at 20.00 hours. Place to be: Schiller Theatre, Minrebroederstraat 11, 3512 GS Utrecht.
Tickets € 16,- or € 14,- (65+). Tickets reservations: click here.


Juni 27, 2012: Solo Concert Veronica

Veronica sings at the University of Utrecht, Leuvenlaan 19 on the 27th of June.


Juni 2, 2012: Harpconcert at the Tropenmuseum

Solo Concert on harp by Regina at the Tropenmuseum, Linnaeusstraat 2 Amsterdam 19.30 - 21.00 hours.


May 12, 2012: Concert at De Driestroom, Den Bosch

Concert at the Vrije School in Den Bosch.
Starting at 19.30 hours, this is a private event so no tickets available.

Soundcheck before our performance at De Driestroom.


Past Performances ~click here