Links to Celtic Music info, Tolkien and friends


Fantasyshop Fairyland

Fantasyshop Fairyland in Helmond (also online-shop) is specialised in Fantasy clothing, and dressed Anois for free (thank you!).

Best Online

Our Webserver

Dutch Booking Office "Bandzoeker"

Zoek je muziek in een bepaalde stijl? Check de bandzoeker.


The site of Arno Luyendijk: calligraphic artdesign

Enam: atmospheric Celtic music

Apart from the beautiful backing vocals Nick adds to some of the Anois songs, he is also a great artist in his own right: Enam. If you like stuff like Enya you should definitively check out his site.

J.R.R. Tolkien

This is our source of inspiration for the "elvish" side to our music. We have a lot of respect for the sacrifices Ronald Tolkien made and the faith he had during the 16 years it took to write "Lord of the Rings". If you'd like to know more of J.R.R. Tolkien's backgrounds the Tolkien Society is a good place to start..

The Brontë Parsonage Museum & Bronte Society

Did you know that the very house Emily Brontë lived in is now a museum? It's located in Haworth, England. It's here that our interest in the Brontës soured.

Celtic Music Magazine

Online Celtic music magazine

Folk: Dutch Startpage

Survey of artists, bands, dancegroups, festivals, magazines, organisations and so on.