February 2015: The Return of Anois

Veronica and Ignace have achieved their goals of making a living through the teaching of music. Veronica runs "De Klankentuin" and Ignace has taken charge of "Sound Education". However, doing well businesswise, we are starting to miss the old Anois very much. Therefore we are determined that during 2015, Anois will rise from it's ashes. We intend to put as much energy into Anois this year as we have in our businesses. At the moment we have started recording again in the studio. To the people who kept sending us encouraging emails: thank you very much! New songs underway.


Sorry folks, taking a break..

Ignace has been extremely busy running his own audio school Sound Education lately while Veronica is also making a transition to a professional music therapist / piano teacher. Sorry, but no Anois time for the moment!


Making it easier to buy our music

August 2014 we inserted a PayPayl button which allows you to buy our music in a much less cumbersome way than it used to be. No forms to fill in, no account to create, just a simple click. This will also accomodate all regular credit cards. 


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